Working Cows with Horses

July 26, 2013  •  10 Comments

  Here's some of the very first photos I took with my brand new 5D markIII camera!!! My husband and brother in law were down working cows so I thought I would run down to the corral and try out my new prize!! I've wanted this camera for several years now and it's finally mine! I'm as happy as a peach ( however happy that is! )

Tarrin went down with mommy to watch daddy and the horses! He is addicted to horses and riding!

  They were sorting off pairs to load and haul out to our summer pasture. So here's the pickups and trailers ready and waiting.

    My husband and his silly M&M shirt!! Yes he loves M&M's and he got that as a Christmas present last year!! : )

   Jesse thought he was so funny running his horse at me and then stopping him just short of running into the corral gate! Check out his faces!!

   Deciding what to do....

  Our cow dog Guess, she's not afraid to go after a cow by any means! She's such a good working dog!


Glad you caught them in action. You know a great photographer by how they can get the shot when people say should've had a camera Congrats on the new camera that would've been a cool picture, but the photographer did get the shot. I love how you got Guess in action too. Love little Tarrin.
Carmen Strong(non-registered)
I love this!
Looks like that would be a blast to watch! I love how the little guy's shirt is on backwards :)
Love these! Congrats on the MIII!
I know they were working, but it looks so fun! Haha. And Tarrin is a little cutie :)
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