CourtneyJoe & Marty All Country!

April 15, 2013  •  16 Comments

  When I first met CourtneyJoe and Marty I knew they were gonna be a fun couple! They're both all country which is SO easy for me to relate with as I'm a country girl myself!! : ) So I asked CourtneyJoe if she would share they're love story with me......

  They met at a mutual friends birthday party. They really didn't talk much during the party but definitely noticed each other! After the birthday party was over a group of friends all got together to hang out a little longer. Marty was playing pool and CourtneyJoe was just sitting in a chair next to the pool table watching. In the event of Marty trying to take a shot.... he ended up sticking his butt in CourtneyJoe's face, he then proceeded to say to her " My butt looks good right? " : ) Which CourtneyJoe in turn replied " yes! "

 A couple of nights later CourtneyJoe got a text simply reading " lol " She waited till the next morning to answer the text and find out who it was.... it was Marty, they proceeded to make plans to get together that weekend and totally hit it off!

 A couple of weeks later Marty invited CourtneyJoe to go to a friends wedding dance with him. While at the dance he told CourtneyJoe " If it's gonna be us, it's gonna be me and you only! " : ) Two weeks later he told her he loved her. CourtneyJoe was shocked and dumbfounded!! Could he really love me?? She didn't say anything in return as she was so shocked... she knew she felt the same way about him, but was scared. ( I think everyone that has found true love knows that feeling! )

 A week later CourtneyJoe decided to share her heart with Marty and told him she loved him too! After dating for about two months... Marty proposed to her in the Ruby Tuesdays parking lot! : ) CourtneyJoe loved the ring Marty gave her... it wasn't a typical engagement ring, Marty let his country side show with his ring choice and she loved it! She said yes to his proposal and was on cloud 9!!!

                                     One of my Favorites from their session!!

   Another one that I absolutely LOVE!!!

   They had me cracking up laughing with the fun ideas they had for photos! They are so easy going!

   The third one from they're session that I adore!!  : )

 Their wedding is set for November 15th 2013 and I can't wait to photograph it! They were an absolute blast during the engagement session and are so photogenic!! : )


Lovely! Love the connection between the both of them! They will love these!
Jenn Gaudreau(non-registered)
I really love the close ups and the ones with the horse!!
Jete Devisser(non-registered)
cute session! They look like a super chill, fun couple!
Alisha Guild(non-registered)
LOVE the shots with the cowboy hat on the tracks :) nice work :)
Michelle S Hanks(non-registered)
Swoon! I love a man in a cowboy hat. These are adorable and perfect. The bridge shot is ultimately my favorite. Looks like it was cold but they looked so comfortable with you. Great job! Looking forward to seeing the wedding.
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