Amanda Johnson Photography | Family Children and Newborn Gallery photos in Bismarck ND

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 Welcome to my Family, Children & Newborn Gallery!! Thank you for your interest in my work! I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love! Freezing moments in time for my clients so they can look back on their photo's for years.... to come and be able to recall those memories so vividly of their adorable, tiny baby's and cute ( and sometimes WILD ) little children that it seems as if it were only yesterday! 

 Family session at your home is a great idea! I believe every family should have good pictures of themselves in their home. In the place where they feel most comfortable. It is where we make memories, create traditions and form family bonds. Home is who we are!!! I also highly recommend doing newborn sessions in your home. It's so much easier on the newborn and new mommy, and much more relaxed! I have several props that are easy for me to bring along and set up anywhere in your home in a small space!  

 I don't have any specific time limitations on my sessions. I try to be flexible enough with time to make sure that I'm able to create photo's that will please my clients. Usually 2 to 3 hrs. is enough time per session, but if it takes a little longer no problem!! Family sessions with small children sometimes take a little longer as children like to run around and goof off ( which makes for GREAT photo's!! ) If small snack and breaks are needed for children I have no problem with that! I want to allow time for whatever is necessary to assure everyone is relaxed and having fun so your photo's turn out beautiful, showing each unique personality! I also highly suggest a few different locations for your photo's to be taken so to get lot's of different backgrounds.