Sheep Shearing in North Dakota 2016 ~ Portraits by Amanda

April 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

 Yes it is that time of year again! Sheep shearing! We had our sheep sheared on Wednesday! So for those of you that maybe have never seen thsi done before here's a little taste!

  And just to keep the record straight these are not my best photos due to holding a whiny, teething, snot nosed one year old while trying to shoot these! : )  This is how you juggle Mother/Photographer at the same time! ; )


 Bringing them up to push up the ramp into the shearing trailer.

  Dillon decided to take a rest on his Tempurpedic!! : )

  Tarrin trying to help push them up with the pitch fork!

  The work going on inside!

  Getting kicked back out into the world all naked! Gotta get used to this new look! ; )

  Bagging the wool!

  And to end with Tarrin's contribution of images he took! He decided to try and help me take some photos! Here are his shots below. He doesn't do too bad for a 5 year old! Teach em' young!! : )

  We're now officially ready to start lambing! So be on the look out for cute adorable lamby pictures coming soon! Subscribe to my blog to be notified when new blogs are posted! : ) I hope you enjoyed seeing the process through my lens!


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