Baby Logan Welcome into the World!

September 09, 2013

  I was so blessed to be able to do the birthography for my nephew's entrance into the world!! It was such an awesome experience! I've had one baby myself... but never have watched someone else give birth. It's definitely a different experience being an onlooker instead of the laborer! : ) Please enjoy these photos of the greatest gift God can give to a person in the whole world! The gift of a precious little person, a sign of you and your spouses deep love for each other and a little part of both of you! 

  Hailee did so good waiting to meet little brother! She was pretty quiet for the most part and then decided to be a pill right about when Maret started really not feeling good! Good thing Auntie Abby was there to take her out and watch her! : )

  Seth was so cute helping Maret walk the halls! Pushing her IV around!

  So excited and full of vinegar!

   Breathing... Breathing, talking to Mom wondering where she's at and if she's gonna make it before Logan was born!

 Dr Jan Bury is the best doctor!! I had her for my birth as well! She's delivered so many of our family's baby's!!

   Preparations have begun!

  Starting to get pretty uncomfortable at this point!

    Mom made it just in time to back rub!

  And he's here!!!!!

 Such a little chunk!!!

 8lbs 11oz. : )

 Daddy admiring his new little man!

  Hailee decided he was cute and that they could keep him!

  My little guy meeting his new little cousin! I'm sure they're gonna end up being great buddies!

 Little sister lovin....

 Tarrin is SO.... in love with Logan!! He talks about him all the time and is addicted to holding and feeding him his bottle!

  Daddy time!

  Cute little family! : )