Kent and Mindi/ Wedding Photographer in Bismarck ND

August 05, 2013  •  16 Comments

 Kent and Mindi had such a beautiful June wedding! The only hitch was the poor bride was sick almost all day!! She was such a trooper though and managed to get through all the photos with a smile! It was challenging for me as Kent is WELL over six feet tall and I'm only just over five feet in massive height. : ) So I had to drag my little trusty ladder around with me all day! Enjoy their photos below!

  Great workers from Bombshell Salon in Bismarck did all the hair and makeup check them out HERE

   Poor Mindi taking a rest between hair and makeup while Mom got her makeup done.

  Sometimes you just have to put your mascara on yourself! : ) I know I can't have someone else put on my mascara I blink so much, I can't stand to have something coming at my eye like that when I'm not controlling it! : )

  This is a three generation ring shot with Mindi's Mother and Grandmother's rings! I loved this idea!

  Ok seriously these were the coolest shoes EVER!

  I got Kent all set up to see Mindi for the first time in her wedding dress!

  First looks are one of my favorite things to shoot. When my Bride and Groom's choose to do a first look I LOVE it!

  Their first look was so much fun!

  Doesn't she have the most gorgeous eyes!! I couldn't get over how beautiful they are!!

  My FAVORITE shot of the whole wedding!! : )

  I tired taking alot of photos with Mindi sitting down as she wasn't feeling well at all! We didn't want her throwing up all over her wedding dress! She did so good hiding it for the photos though!

   LOVE these ones of Mother and Daughter!

   I really wanted to get a few dramatic looking portraits, but didn't want to take Mindi far since she wasn't feeling well... so this is what we got. I think they still turned out pretty good.

   I couldn't get enough of this little fellow and his silly antics during the ceremony!! : )

    He was really checking out what was going on!

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Schirado

   Time to party up the isle!!!


Even the little ones knew how to do it up good! : )

  It was so HOT.... as you can see! : ) Someone couldn't take it anymore!

       Congratulations Kent and Mindi!!!!!


Amy Vassar(non-registered)
So sad that the bride was sick! :( She looked beautiful, though, and I love the orange!
Nice job! I love the 3-generation ring shot!
nice work amanda. love those first look moments - beautiful...also love the bridal party with their shades - i love it when they have fun with it. great job :-)
Jennifer Parsons(non-registered)
You got so many great shots of the two of them before the wedding! They are so lucky to have those to cherish! I really like the generations ring shot and the one of that little guy trying to see! haha! great shots.
Love the orange flowers, shoes, and bridesmaid's dresses!
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