Grilled Kabobs

July 12, 2013  •  6 Comments

  Nothing better then a grilled Kabob in July right?? That's what I thought... so got everything ready to then realize that I didn't have any skewers! O what to do now! LOL I decided to improvise since we live 70 miles from town. It's not like I can drop everything just to run to the store to get some skewers for my craving! Then right when we decide to put them on the grill it starts to rain!!!


 Despite all the sabotage... we got our kabobs grilled anyway!! : )

  Meat used was chicken and pork.

  The yummy sauce I made to baste them with while on the grill! Soy Sauce, red pepper flakes, fresh minced garlic, tabasco sauce, liquid smoke and some honey.

  I used leftover cubed potatoes I had made the night before with lipton onion soup mix.

  Ok so here's how I improvised for the skewers I didn't have! I ran outside and cut off some small branches! LOL

  Don't these look yummy even with all the problems I ran into! : )

  Here's the grill master trying to stay half way dry!! The rain really started coming down as soon as we put them on the grill!!

  They grilled to perfection despite the rain and my sticks didn't catch on fire! Haha : )

  I have to say they turned out SO.... yummy!


Michelle S Hanks(non-registered)
Oh my gosh! What a perfect sotion! My husband would totally think this is ok to do. 70 miles from town, whoa! I think I might like that lifestyle but I don't know. Your life is so cool!
Tosha Devonn(non-registered)
This just made me hungry! I must try this recipe!
Leon Bailey(non-registered)
Looks like I got me a recipe to do some food photography as well! :)

Now I am hungry!
food photography is hard! you make it look so easy! looks great:)
Jennifer Parsons(non-registered)
Hahaha! Way to improvise! I love that your creativity flows over into your everyday life. And I could totally go for a kabob on a little branch right about now :)
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