Meet Black Jack

June 21, 2013  •  12 Comments

 As I promised here's a post to introduce our new baby colt that arrived last week! We named him Black Jack! He's quite the cute little fella and we're all in love with him already! I went out and introduced him to my camera at only a couple hours old! He is such a big guy... very tall, such LONG legs! : )

 Isn't he the cutest thing?? I just love the little snipit of white down on the tip of his nose!

 Only a couple hours old! It's so cute how they stick so close to mommy! She's such a good mare didn't mind us petting him at all.

  Classy kept pinning her ears back and chasing off the other gelding that is in that pasture with her and Black Jack.

  One week old, and apparently VERY tired!! Haha

 I went and sat with him petting him for quite awhile before he woke up and realized I was encroaching on his space!

  Seriously they must not want their pictures taken they take off on me more then anything! : )

  But they just won't win! I WILL take their pictures!

Someone decided to stop in the trees for a snack break.

 Decided to stick his tongue out at me little stinker!   Had to take care of a bunch of itchy's apparently.



Michelle S Hanks(non-registered)
Oh my gosh, what a handsome fella. I so would love to live your life. I want horses but know nothing about them. You should start a dude ranch where us city folk can come an dlearn the real stuff of life. Hard labor and love! Great pictures and stunning colors! Just perfect. Have you ever been published in a ranching magazine? You should try that!
Sheryll Lynne(non-registered)
Beautiful. I'm from Kentucky and i always appreciate horse photos. ;)
Oh, what a cutie!
oh my word!!! so so very cute!
Tracie Howe(non-registered)
Oh my goodness! SO cute! How great that you get to photograph him as much as you want! :)
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