First Maternity Shoot!

May 10, 2013  •  18 Comments

  So.... here's my first maternity shoot ever! I was so happy to be able to have my first shoot be with my sister in law! It was so special getting to capture some precious memories for her. I can't wait to meet my little nephew whom will be making his appearance sometime next month!

  I have been wanting to try out some of these ideas for a maternity shoot I've had rolling around in my head for quite sometime now!

  I'm so glad Maret is always so willing to try out my ideas!! Even if some of them do sound crazy to her! Haha

  These photos were so spur of the moment! We had gone to visit them for the weekend and I was like hey, wanta go try some maternity pictures out? She was of course like, ok.... we grabbed some clothes, threw them in the car, conned the husbands into watching our little 2 year olds and off we went! LOL

  I have been wanting to try this pose out for simply AGES now!!! I LOVE how it turned out! : )

  We tried out a few different outfits not knowing if we would like them all. I have to say it was quite entertaining watching an almost 8 month pregnant woman changing outfits on the go in the car, and hiding behind the trees!! Haha We were both cracking up laughing!

  Didn't have my trusty ladder along since this session wasn't exactly planned... so found out the back of a trunk works to get some high shots!

  Ended at sunset with some railroad track ones!

  Maret and Seth's 2 year, my sweet little niece, had just recently found this cute little cow in the store when shopping with mommy and insisted on buying it for baby brother!!! I thought that was so adorable we had to incorporate the little stuffed animal Hailee bug bought for him!!

   Ok I saved the best for last!!! As we were taking the above photo I heard a train whistle!! I told Maret just stay there and look as natural as you possibly can knowing a train is barreling up behind you! So I had the camera set and ready... it was way more nerve racking then I thought waiting for that train to come around the bend!! As soon as it barely appeared I snapped a picture and told her ok.. run! Haha It was coming way faster then I thought! I mean we had plenty of time, but when it's blowing that shrieking whistle so stinkin loud right in your ear, you can't keep your heart from pounding! This shot could have never been planned out, we were just in the right place at the right time. If it had been planned I could have set it up a littel better, but hey.... I'm totally happy with it!!!  : )

  There was a pickup with two young cowboys sitting in it watching us thinking we were totally insane I'm sure!!! LOL


Ruth Schneider(non-registered)
Wow! I really like the last one of the train! Maybe it was a little risky, but I'd have done it just to get a chance at a shot like that. You're really getting good! Love all the pics.
Congratulations on your first maternity shoot! Hope you get a lot more in the future. It's not my forte, but I've done it before and the clients have been satisfied. So, I can't complain! lol!
Stacy Gendreau(non-registered)
Oh my goodness! Beautiful! My fav is the ones where you clipped the hat and outfit to the tree branch with mom in the background - PRICELESS! Such great moments!
She is gorgeous! And you did an amazing job with these! :)
Michelle S Hanks(non-registered)
You did a great job! I love the lines of the trees in contrast with her round belly. Great location choice. I also love the hanging of clothes on the tree branch. I hope you enjoyed yourself. She looks great!
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