Sheep Shearing 2013

April 22, 2013  •  5 Comments

  Well it's that time of year again on the Johnson Ranch! Sheep Shearing!!! This year my husband decided that we should shear our own sheep instead of hiring out sheep shearers. I was a little leery at first thinking it would take us forever to do them all ourselves, but in the end it sure is saving us some serious cash! : ) Jesse and his younger brother Nathan have dabbled in sheep shearing before, just haven't taken on the task of shearing our whole flock before! Here's how it's done.....

   My brother-in-law Nathan working on a Ewe.

  The next Ewe waiting in line.... or I should say waiting in the chute!

  Bundling up the wool. Finished getting her hair cut, now ready to wait it out in the barn till she lambs.

  And " Like a good neighbor Dillon Hoffman is there. " Dillon came down to try his hand at sheep shearing!

  Looking on hoping their not picked to go next!

  Time to run some more up into the chute to be sheared.

  Now time for my man to shear a few! There is nothing better then a grubby, dirty, good looking man working hard! : )  Especially when you know he's yours!!

  Some close up shots of the shears.

  Jesse gathering up all the wool to put into the wool packer to be packed into a burlap bag and hauled to a wool buyer.

  Double shearing!!

    Done!! : ) Our poor little sheep dog laying there wondering what in the world we're doing to his sheep!! Haha


Nick Rose Photography London(non-registered)
Looks like hard work...but fun!
This is pretty interesting. Never seen sheep shedding before. Cool indeed to document this!
Dang I'm missing out again. I laughed so hard on the "like a good neighbor part". Man those pictures are awesome you should sell them to a farm or sheep magazine. I just love them.
They look so relaxed! Haha! Awesome!
So interesting. I have never seen shearing before.
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