New Beginnings PART 2

April 29, 2013  •  11 Comments

  Ok here's my New Beginnings part 2!! We've been lambing for a few weeks now and it's coming to a close... so here's a few snap shots of lamby cuteness before it's all over. These aren't the best pictures as I just grabbed a few snap shots in the barn... but they're still cute!

  Tarrin was having so much fun petting the little lambs, bending down talking to them and harassing them! LOL  : )

  These twins were the cutest things!! We've had a few sets of triplets this year, lots of twins and one set of quads!!!

  Our jugs ( pens ) set up in the barn... each side of the barn gets lined with these make shift pens for lambing.

   Time for a snack!

   Aren't they the cutest little things?? : )

  If you would like to see the first post in the series of New Beginnings on our baby calves... Click here


Michelle S Hanks(non-registered)
Ok, so do you have a camp that kids can come to? My daughter would live to live on a farm.
Megan Saul(non-registered)
Aw! So cute! Great photos!
Jete Devisser(non-registered)
aw, they're so cute!!! My kids would be over the moon to come visit your place :)
How SWEET! Love the shots, I seriously want to reach through the screen and pet them!
sarah gee(non-registered)
oh my goodness, i love all the wrinkles on that little lamb!
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