Best Fresh Baked Bread Recipe!

April 02, 2013  •  16 Comments

  What to do today..... Well I had so much house cleaning to do, I just decided I might as well add to my to do list and bake some fresh bread!! So out came my grain mill and wheat berries! Nothing like fresh ground wheat for some fresh baked bread! Here's my Mom's recipe for the best homemade bread EVER! :  )


                                                   Simple Bread  

                                            3 cups water                                                        1 Tablespoon salt

                                            1/2 cup sugar                                              7-9 cups white bread flour

                                             2 Tablespoons yeast ( instant )                   2/3 cup oil

  Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl. Beat on low until mixed, then on medium until well kneaded, adding flour as necessary, until dough leaves the side of the bowl. Place in greased bowl and let rise till double. Divide into 3 loaves and let rise in bread pans until double. Bake at 325 degrees for 20-30 minutes until golden brown. This dough can be used for dinner rolls too!


 So I didn't think about taking pictures until I was mostly done grinding my wheat!! But here's my dusty grain mill pail and my zip lock bag full of freshly ground wheat flour! A tip to keep your freshly ground wheat fresh if you don't use it all right away is to keep it in the freezer!

 Ok I can't do a post on baking bread without saying how much I LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer!!! I use it for literally everything I cook almost! My Mom has a Bosch and swears by that for bread.... I just never cared for it and prefer my Kitchen Aid to her Bosch even for mixing a batch of bread dough! It is a personal preference thing I'm sure! : )

 Pulling away from the sides of the bowl... so guess it's time to take it out and need it a little more and form my loaves and dinner rolls! I did half wheat and half white flour for this batch.

  In the loaf pans ready to rise! I did only two loaves of bread as I wanted to do some dinner rolls too, and this dough works great for that too!


 Out of the oven..... nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread!! Jesse came in from working on the tractor just to get a slice of warm bread!

  Nothing like fresh, warm bread with a thick layer of Nutella while I sit and edit some awesome Senior pictures!!





Michelle S Hanks(non-registered)
Oh, I just tried Nutella last week and I'm hooked. Why do they even make a small jar? Oh, wait the post was about bread. Nice bread.
Mark Martinez(non-registered)
Wow! That looks delicious! And I agree - there is nothing like bread fresh out of the oven. Except maybe chocolate chip cookies :)
Jete Devisser(non-registered)
oh my woorrrrd. Bread is my weakness. And so is Nutella!! I think it's probably better if I don't learn how to make fresh bread. I'd probably be 30lbs heavier in a month...
jenn of hello inspira(non-registered)
looks yummy! i have never baked a bread myself and this got me thinking!
Oh my goodness, you are amazing!
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