What to Wear for your Engagement Pictures

March 18, 2013  •  14 Comments

                              What should we wear for our Engagement Pictures?

  I often get asked this question... what should we wear for our engagement photo's? So I decided to write a post with some great tips and ideas to keep in mind when picking out those perfect outfits! Your engagement session is a great time for us all to get to know one another! It helps alot on your wedding day if you already know me and my style of shooting and the way I interact with my clients. It also helps me to get to know you and your fiance and the style of photography you both love. It will help you both be more comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera so that on your special day I can get images that better show your personality's! With the invention of web sites like Pinterest, it is becoming easier and easier for people to figure out what to wear for their sessions. You can get some great ideas and inspiration on outfits you like by searching these sites!

 1. Bring more then one outfit! Two different outfits at least.... three would be great! I suggest you bring one or two casual everyday outfits and at least one dressy outfit.

 2. Wear clothing that is comfortable! If your clothes are not comfortable... it will show in the pictures. It's best not to wear to tight of clothing that will restrict movement or show curves you don't want shown. Wear something you LOVE, something that is YOU and depicts your style!

 3. Coordinate DON'T match!! Pick color's from your fiance's shirt pattern or colors that compliment each other. One of the great things about men's dress shirts is that they are relatively simple in color scheme which makes it easier to coordinate with. I highly suggest not wearing the same color but rather clothing that is complimentary in style and color. Don't be too matchy!

 4. Think about layering clothing!! Layers tend to photograph well and is very stylish! Avoid being too trendy though and normally stay away from small prints and patterns as this tends to be too busy and draws away from your face. Also wear the same level of dressiness. If your dressed up for a night on the town.... don't have your fiance wear everyday street clothes.

 5. Stay away from pastel colors and stick with darker or bolder colors. Most skins don't handle pastels well, it tends to wash them out. Bold colors are best, not necessarily always dark, but colors that are obvious. For instance, mustard yellow isn't really dark, but very noticeable! : ) If you want to incorporate a pastel color, use it as an accessory, such as a scarf or jewelery.

 6. Try to wear clothing that is in line with your style normally. Don't buy and wear something you will never wear again! If you're a country girl... a sundress and cowboy boots would look adorable next to a barn or out in a field, but would look silly for a down town city shot. And if you're a city girl, a short black or leopard print dress with bright colored pumps would look rad down town New York City but would be totally out of place next to a barn! : ) So try and stick with clothes that say something about your personality!

 7. Add accessories!!! Accessories can make or break and outfit! Add a pair of heels and a chunky necklace to an otherwise simple outfit and now you've just pumped up the volume and have a picture worthy outfit! Scarves, sunglasses, chunky jewlery, fun shoes and brightly colored blazers or vests add interest to the photograph without stealing the focus away from the subject. Bright colored pumps in contrast with your outfit also works really well to add a little color without being to much.

 8. If there is something you want e to avoid photographing... be open about it and let me know from the start! There's no need to be embarrassed! If you have a tattoo, scar, or birth mark that you would rather avoid showing, just let me know. That way I can work with you to keep whatever it is you want out of the photo's out! : )


 Lastly.... plan to have FUN!!! Think of your engagement session as more of a good time and less of just a step in the process of wedding planning that has to be done. I want this to be not so much of just a boring get this over with, smiling at my camera type of thing and more of having a good time together while I photograph you two being fun, fancy free and in LOVE!!! : ) This is a special time in your life you will never get back.... enjoy it and let me capture some of those memories for you both to cherish in the years to come!








Kate O'COnnor(non-registered)
I love this idea! Really helpful article, Amanda!
Jasmin Chadwick Photography(non-registered)
Fab idea for a post and some really really helpful points - I always get asked these questions too! x
Julianna Rennard(non-registered)
Love this topic. So happy to see all the photos you have that should help anyone get a better idea of what to wear.
Michelle S Hanks(non-registered)
These are all very good tips. The "fashion boards" are great. On versatile starters for them to have before the shoot.
Jete Devisser(non-registered)
Love this post! I'm a little bit obsessed with fashion, even though I'm not that great at putting outfits together!! Pinterest and I are bff's :)
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