" It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are."

  I was NOT one of those photographers that always knew one day I wanted to be a professional photographer. I however must have always had at least a little bit of a love for photography and cameras in general as you can see in this photo of me as an adorably cute chubby baby!!  A friend of my father was a professional photographer and I obviously enjoyed holding his camera and pretending to take pictures! ( If only he and my Father could have looked ahead into my future! I bet they would have been surprised! ) I was however always interested in art. I unfortunately even have trouble drawing stick people! In other words... you do NOT want to be my partner in a game of pictionary!! : ) So when I bought my first SLR camera, I fell in love with shooting landscapes and was FINALLY able to satisfy that artist deep within!! I received my degree in photography in 2006 and still attend photography workshops on a regular basis.


 My passion for photography quickly shifted from nature photography to portrait photography. Over time that has now narrowed down even more to a specific passion for Wedding and Senior photography, which is what I specialize in! This love for fine art has led to studying and living my passion for photography every day! Photography for me is a never ending process. I love it, live it, and learn something new every day!!

 What truly matters to me as an artist is to be able to use the talent God has given me to create unique and stunning works of art for my clients! I put my heart and soul into my photograph's to create meaningful and beautiful images that will preserve a special moment and memory in the life of my client's.

 Now a little about ME, not as a photographer.... but as a fun loving, energetic girl with a camera! : ) I am truly and most definitely addicted to coffee! Any kind of coffee and the darker and stronger the better!! I'm a country girl through and through... I hunt, ride horse, wear cowboy boots and enjoy a good rodeo!!! I'm not a cowgirl however.... just a country girl! : ) I talk fast.... like really FAST... and love telling a good story, very energetically of course!! : ) My biggest fear in life is the dreaded SPIDER!! I literally almost kick the bucket if I even see one on television! I can't even consider the thought of killing one! That's what my wonderful husband is for! : ) I love music and my Faith and Family are the most important things to me!!!

 I live on a ranch with my husband and our three son's Tarrin, Connor and Quade... the four men that make my world go round!! I enjoy helping my husband with the livestock. If I'm not on a photo shoot or inside editing a session, I'm most likely out helping Jesse work our cows or sheep, fixing fence or anything else he may need help with! Both Jesse and I love the outdoors and the boys are following fast in our footsteps!

 My goal is to take meaningful photographs that show Style, Uniqueness, and creativity. I feel that every session I shoot should be fun and not uncomfortable or boring for my clients. I want my sessions to be enjoyable, and I will take the time necessary to make a nervous or uneasy client relax and be more natural. I want to make my clients look their best during their session and bring out their TRUE personality!


  Amanda Johnson